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breastfeeding: my attempt at making this conversation more relevant and openly discussed in our American culture

“One last push, Justine!” Encouraged the doctor. As I gasped for one last deep inhale, filling my lungs with determination to meet him, I thought to myself-“fucking push!” After 8 hours of hard, fast labor, and the intense feeling that is birthing an eight pound, 9 ounce baby naturally- he was in my arms. the […]


sometimes we stumble. sometimes we get humbled. but when we do either, or both of these things, we can grow in ways that would have otherwise been impossible. momentum can be a dangerous thing, because we can crash hard. however, if we work with that very momentum-that risky, fast-paced, dangerous thing…we can get somewhere big, […]


it’s an unusual feeling, to be curious. the intangible feeling alone pushes you in new directions, towards new experiences. sometimes it pulls you back, urging you to be cautious. my little almost-one-year-old is driven by his wild curiosity. every glance seems to be intentional, helping him hone in on the littlest details. for example, a […]