wellness is a measurement

As a mother I am required to be well. I am required to keep my child well. But what well really means to one person can be different to the next. Is wellness simply our ability to be physically healthy, and eat right? I don’t think so. I think that wellness is made up of many aspects including physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

Brad, my husband, is a recreational (but really good, nonetheless) cyclist. He is really big on wellness checks. When either of us is feeling unbalanced, he points out that one of our tires is flat. Go with me on this…

Say you’re riding your bike. You set out with good intentions to get some exercise, fresh air, peace and quiet, when suddenly a tiny thorn in the trail finds its way into your tire. When the tube gets a hole poked in it, it starts to leak air. You eventually feel a lot of resistance as you try and peddle yourself forward on the tire that is now becoming flat. Eventually, if you were to keep riding, your rim may even become misshapen. You can absolutely keep riding on that flattened tire, you will surely be exhausted, and you will be left with a bicycle that is royally messed up, all because a tiny hole made its way into your tube.

If our wellness is the same as a tire, it requires that all parts of the tube be full in order to correctly function. If we allow something small and menacing to deflate one part of our wellness, slowly we will feel defeated. When we feel like we are losing, we are surely losing, and then we are not progressing forward. So, what I’ve found is that it is important to measure my tire pressure, so to speak. I have to check in on the areas where I may be falling short, patch that leak, so I can continue foreword and be well.



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