spread the love…and the glam

Starting down the direct marketing path is very unappealing to most. To me however it has been an outlet where I can be free to stay at home with my little babe, enjoy further cultivating a passion of mine (mama wants to get glammed-up from time to time, OK?) and contribute to our family. Before signing on to be an independent distributer for SeneGence, let me be honest; I WAS CRITICAL. I would be annoyed that I couldn’t go onto my social media without seeing someone trying to sell me something. If this is currently how you feel, I get it. However, after taking a step back and really thinking about why someone may be signed on with an MLM company, I really started to feel shitty about myself. Instead of being supportive of other mamas and women who are trying to support themselves and their families financially, I only thought of myself and what I felt was an inconvenience to me (“stop being an asshole, you ginger!” is what I silently told myself after having this epiphany). There is not enough love and support in this world we live in, and TOO MUCH self-involvement and ridicule of others.

SO, with that being said, I am so excited to start being >>the little entrepreneur that could<< and join SeneGence in helping women get access to some powerful anti-aging, restorative skin care products and long-lasting cosmetics. I specifically signed on with this company because I am in love with their premier product LipSense. It has been a game-changer for this mama! I have no idea why, but with a color on my lips, I feel like I can conquer the world, even if I am running on no sleep!



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