the beginning…

the beginning,

When nothing was pulling our thoughts or attention in any other direction. When we could sit for hours and always have something new to talk about. When the gravity keeping us in sync with one another was tangible.

I don’t look back and miss it, but instead I am grateful for it. each chapter has played a specific roll in building “us”. The foundation of our togetherness has always been something we have spoken about with purpose. Before I even called him my boyfriend, Brad and I would talk about “enjoying every phase,” being sure not to rush. The need to move from one thing to the next can cause moments where you drive a relationship too quickly. And then there are those moments where one may be ready to keep building and investing, while the other was not. When I look back at each step we have taken together, I not once feel that our progression was out of wack or too fast, despite these moments. The funky moments existed for a reason, as if to be a catalyst in being mindful of growing together. As long as there was awareness and assurance that we were in it to win it, we were good. If something felt off, it was only a matter of communication and patience. We have layed our own stepping stones, designing a path that will continue to lead us in our right direction.

Now, everything pulls us in other directions-yet our thoughts remain synchronized. Now, we sit together at the end of a long day quietly; needing nothing new to talk about to be interested in anything but being in close proximity to one another. Now, the gravity pulling us together is more than tangible; It’s undeniably permanent.


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