each space in our home is a blank canvas, which i get to fill. the goal is to decorate each square foot with mindfulness. i have cultivated a love for creating, and come to realize that it takes time to actually put things together in a cohesive way. the same goes for my cosmetics business. i want to invest time in creating a platform that is uniquely me, is honest and fun. i always find myself feeling more filled when i take time to be patient when creating; whether that be decorating a sunny corner in my master bedroom, or building a portfolio of faces to become a certified seneblends make-up artist. i acknowledge that i am investing more of my time upfront so that the end result is me feeling more filled: of purpose, meaning and passion.

one must not rush the creative process. one must not feel pressured by the ever-changing algorythms, or how many followers we have acquired, or even getting the perfect picture. instead we must fill ourselves with purpose, meaning, and passion. we must fill our time and homes with things that have value not related to the dollar amount, but instead their ability to evoke powerful emotions and thoughts. we should create time in our week for good ol’ fashioned face-to-face interactions.

at the end of the day we live outside of our screens. our home is full of things we can touch, feel and experience. the people i get to encounter and share my passions with are begging me to invest in them in-real-life, not just their profiles on social media. that tangibility is far more valuable than the artificial world that has become the center of most modern lives.


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