it’s an unusual feeling, to be curious. the intangible feeling alone pushes you in new directions, towards new experiences. sometimes it pulls you back, urging you to be cautious.

my little almost-one-year-old is driven by his wild curiosity. every glance seems to be intentional, helping him hone in on the littlest details. for example, a bird fluttering from one tree branch to the next is so fascinating to him that it can consume his mind for a long while, forcing him to be still and just watch, listen and learn. the sound of an airplane flying over head can immediately divert his attention, no matter the task, causing him to look up and search urgently for the object floating through the sky. after seeing what has made a noise or caused movement, his curiosity won’t let him stop there. it encourages him to further explore the object of his attention; maybe leading him to mimic the sound he heard, or try to show his excitement with a hand motion that mirrored what he just saw. his curiosity forces him to experience this new world around him in a way I have forgotten to.

after some time, the newness of this world faded and most things became redundant. not only did I forget to notice the simple things, I failed to acknowledge the details. this world can be as intricate or mundane as we make it to be. i am grateful that just the act of observing a child’s curiosity has made me become more mindful of the need to be curious, stretching my mind in new ways.

so I ask, do you want to live with the same child like curitosity as my little one?


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