about the ginger

I am so much more than just the color of my hair; however it’s something that is an identifying trait that most people notice about me. My name is Justine Alvarado and I’m the ginger behind Ginger Skies. I graduated MCL with a BA in Psychology, dabbled in teaching, had a successful career managing a lighting and home décor showroom and am now a full time mama.

Why “Ginger Skies”? I wanted to have a place where I could further refine my creative side. I love to write, research and take pictures of the things that interest me. Although I may not be the best at all of these by the world’s standards, I didn’t want that to stop me from creating a space where I would be able to merge all of the things I am passionate about into one entity. This blog will be just that; a window into the world as I see and experience it.

I am married to the boy next-door, turned man of my dreams, Brad. Together we have a son, Levi, who I swear has stars in his eyes. We live nestled in the town where we both grew up in northern California, making our house a home day by day. As a couple Brad and I have always focused on building a firm foundation rooted in Christ. That doesn’t mean we are perfect, though. We are far from it! Together we pursue spiritual and personal growth, adventure and try to enjoy every moment we have been given, even the bad ones.

What will this ginger be talking about? Well, a wide array of things including, but not limited to: motherhood, beauty, style, decorating, relationships, growth, travel, adventure, health and wellbeing.