glam by ginger skies

Doing my makeup is one of the ways I have been able to cultivate my creativity. I love watching tutorials, trying new products and putting makeup on my friends, too. Becoming a mother has changed the way I do my make-up. With little time to spend on getting myself ready for the day (and who really wants to put a full face on for a day of playing with your little one), as well as the changes I’ve noticed in my skin (thank you hormonal roller coaster), I have been forced to get creative and search for products more conducive for motherhood. I am loyal to the products I have been using for years, because they have been working so well for me. I recently discovered SeneGence, and their premier product LipSense. This particular item was a game changer for me. I am now able to liven up my look with a lasting, smudge-proof, baby-proof pop of color on my lips. What I love even more about SeneGence is they place extreme importance on including the SeneDerm and SenePlex (anit-aging & healing properties) in most all of their products. I felt motivated, when starting my blog, to also share in my beauty transformation. I will not only be sharing about the products I am selling (which I am actually super proud to be stepping out of my comfort zone to do), but I will also be letting you know which products have been huge in this new phase of life.