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each space in our home is a blank canvas, which i get to fill. the goal is to decorate each square foot with mindfulness. i have cultivated a love for creating, and come to realize that it takes time to actually put things together in a cohesive way. the same goes for my cosmetics business. […]

grow with him

being this little guys mama is all i could ever ask for in this life. each new day brings with it change. growth. each day brings us closer together, if that’s even possible. through the experience of watching him grow, i am encouraged to continue in my own personal growth. the day i think i […]

honor it

here i sit on my kitchen floor, while my baby boy naps the afternoon away. this is the first moment this month where i have felt like writing. where i’ve felt like elaborating, in an honest fashion. i could not take another step-not even to land on the couch. i needed to physically stop myself […]